Virginia is for Lovers is about love – pure and simple.  Always has been, always will be. Love is something we all have in our lives but for whatever reason – work, meetings, soccer practice, errands, etc., we don’t always have the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Love lives in Virginia each and every day.  Virginia offers travelers a chance to completely connect with those they love, doing what they love, on a relaxing vacation together.

The fact that Virginia is easy to get to, within a day’s drive or less of 60 percent of the U.S. population, adds to the leisurely pace of a Virginia vacation, giving families more time to unplug, unwind and just be – together.

A vacation here is so close by, so easy to reach – you’ll have more time to share enjoyment and create a more solid connection together.  When we feel totally connected, we are able to express how much we treasure one another, and realize that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.

Love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation. Visit www.Virginia.org and start planning a visit. Or call 1-800-VISITVA for a free Virginia is for Lovers Travel Guide.