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by Patricia Keppel | Posted: Apr 28, 2020 | Updated: May 26, 2020

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Photo Credit: Jordan Rodericks

While you may not currently be able to enjoy Virginia’s oysters at a nearby restaurant, you can still host an oyster roast right in your own backyard by ordering a bushel or two to be shipped directly to your home! Whether you like the brinier bivalves raised along the Atlantic shores or the buttery, creamy taste of the Rappahannock River oysters, these Virginia oyster companies will bring your favorites to your front door, allowing you to feast on some of the Commonwealth’s most delectable seafood. 


*If oysters are refrigerated immediately, they can stay fresh for up to ten days, so be sure to order 1-2 days before your planned event to ensure they arrive in time. 


Rappahannock Oyster Company, Topping

Online ordering & delivery. Shipments will be sent out Monday-Thursday each week. Sold in quantities of 25, 50, 75, & 100 oysters. Rappahannock Oyster Company oysters are also available through curbside pickup at Cardinal Point Winery on Saturdays 11am-5:30pm, must be ordered by Wednesday at 8pm. 

Oysters Available:

  • Rappahannock River Oysters (Sweet)
  • Rochambeau Oysters (Mild)
  • Olde Salt Oysters (Briny)


Deltaville Oyster Company, Deltaville

Email to place an order, or call 804-357-1931. Pickup also available in Deltaville and Richmond during select days. 

Oysters Available:

  • Deltaville Oyster Company Oysters (Sweet and buttery with medium saltiness and a rich, clean finish)


Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company, Wake

Online ordering for pickup or delivery in Middlesex and Lancaster Counties only. Sold in quantities of 25, 50, 100, & 200 oysters.

Oysters Available:

  • Parrot Island Oysters (Mildly salty, slightly sweet)


White Stone Oyster Company, White Stone

Overnight delivery available nationwide; also offer raw bar kits with hot sauce. Sold in quantities of 25, 50, 100, 150, & 200 oysters.

Oysters Available:

  • White Stone Oysters (Slightly sweet/mild salt finish)


Cherrystone Aqua Farms, Cape Charles

Online orders with overnight delivery Monday-Thursday. Sold in quantities of 25, 50, or 100 oysters.

Oysters Available:

  • Chunus (Briny, slightly sweet finish)
  • Watch House Points (Briny)
  • Misty Points (Briny, slightly sweet finish)
  • Chincoteague Salts (Very briny)
  • Little Bitches (Medium salinity)


Chessie Seafood & Aquafarms, Wicomico

Email or call 804-815-7982 to place an order.

Oysters Available:

  • York River Oysters (Moderately salty with a sweet finish)


Photo Credit: Brian Camp


Lambert Shellfish, Machipongo

Online ordering for quantities of 100+ oysters. Curbside pickup, shipped, or local delivery for Virginia Beach, Norfolk, & Virginia’s Eastern Shore. 

Oysters Available:

  • Loving Cups (Medium salinity, buttery finish)


Little Wicomico Oyster Company, Heathsville

Pickup and shipping available, express shipping to North Carolina, New York, & New Jersey. Sold in quantities of 50.

Oysters Available:

  • Blackberry Oysters (Sweet with mid-range salinity)
  • Peachtree Oysters (Clean, sweet profile with mid-range salinity)
  • Rock Hole Oysters (Clean, sweet profile with mid-range salinity)
  • Smith Point Oysters (High salinity)
  • Wicomico Select Oysters (Meaty oyster with slight hint of saltiness)
  • Wicomico’s Finest Oysters (Meaty oyster with slight hint of saltiness)


Chapel Creek Oyster Company, Cobbs Creek

Available to purchase as part of the takeout menu at the Boathouse Restaurant locations in quantities of 25 oysters. Also deliver to Richmond and Chesterfield County on Thursdays; call or text 804-815-6132 or email to place an order.

Oysters Available:

  • Chapel Creek Oyster (Mid-salinity oyster with a great balance of salt and buttery taste)
  • Boathouse West Oysters (Light salt, distinguished cream with a defined minerality)


Rogue Oysters, Lancaster

Pickup at Lancaster oyster farm or pop-up store locations in Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia on May 2; available to purchase by the dozen or by the 100-count. 

Oysters Available:

  • Roaster Oysters (Buttery with a hint of salt, approximately 4” oysters)
  • Shucker Oysters(Buttery with a hint of salt, approximately 3” oysters)


Photo Credit: Ali Rae Haney


Tangier Island Oyster Company, Tangier

Purchase at Wegman’s grocery stores throughout Virginia. Can also order by filling out the online form for a quote or contacting Tim Hickey at 312-399-7999 to place an order.

Oysters Available:

  • Tangiers (Balance of salt and sweet, with a savory butter/cream finish)


Tom’s Cove Aquafarms, Chincoteague Island

Orders available to ship; call 757-336-1945 to place an order.

Oysters Available

  • Chincoteague “Salt” Oysters (Very briny)


Big Island Aquaculture, Hayes

Pre-order pickup and delivery available to select Virginia regions, including Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, text 757-344-8554, order through the Facebook page, or email to place your order. You can also find information on delivery locations and times on the Facebook page. 

Oysters Available:

  • Big Island Pearl Oysters (Balance of briny and buttery, leading to a sweet finish)
  • Pocahontas Secret (Balance of briny and buttery, leading to a sweet finish)
  • Powhatans Power (Balance of briny and buttery, leading to a sweet finish)


Anderson’s Neck Oyster Company, Shacklefords

Shipping available of oysters, raw seafood buffet kits, shucker gift packs, and discounted bundles; bundled purchases cost less for shipping. Purchase by the dozen, or get discounted large bags of 50 and bulk orders of 100s up to 1,000 oysters.  

Oysters Available:

  • Eagle Flats (Buttery balance between savory and sweet)


Lynnhaven River Oyster Company, Virginia Beach

Place orders by texting 757-406-0606, pickup or delivery available to select areas; shipping available throughout Virginia and to select states. 

Oysters Available:

  • Lynnhaven Selects (Very salty with a melon finish)


Shooting Point Oyster Company, Nassawaddox

Call 757-693-1303 in advance to place an order; oysters will available for pickup at the packing facility. 

Oysters Available:

  • Shooting Point Salts (Briny, slightly sweet plump oysters)
  • Bullseye Oysters (Balanced sweet flavor with a semi-firm, plump texture and clean finish)
  • Arrowhead Petite Oysters (Smaller oyster, balance of briny and buttery)
  • Church Creek Corks (Less briny, hint of seagrass in the finish)



Sapidus Farms Oysters, Wicomico Church

Local pickup and delivery available to Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., & Maryland; Local pickup also available by appointment. Sold in 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125-count bags. Sapidus Farms also offers home made Mignonette, cocktail sauce, shucking knives, and crabs when available.

Oysters Available:

  • Happy Oysters (Mildly briny with rich cream/butter flavors)



Ready to get shucking? Learn more about Virginia oysters and which wines to pair them with! 



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Avatar Maret Rose says:

Does anyone happen to know if any of these companies that ship oysters have them available shucked?

Avatar Hope Gravely says:

Thanks for sharing all this info! One thing to note- all orders for Oyster pickup at Cardinal Point must be placed by Wednesday at 8 PM so that we can get the order to Rappahannock Oyster Company in time 🙂

Thanks I’ll make that note!