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by Patricia Keppel | Posted: Jul 18, 2016 | Updated: Mar 18, 2019

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pokemon tavern

Squirtle at the Tavern in Abingdon

Virginia must be the hottest place to find Pokémon in the country, if not the world!  With all of the historic sites, state parks and outdoor recreation, there are pokestops and gyms nearly everywhere you look. We asked our friends around Virginia where to go to catch them all, and these were the spots that stood out for some of the best PokemonGo action. Tell us, where have you caught the best Pokémon in Virginia?


Bristol – State Street

Go back and forth between Tennessee and Virginia as you look for rare Pokémon, or battle it out with other players at one of the gyms right off of State Street.

Local Hotspots: Bristol Herald Courier, State Street

Pokémon Spotted: Bulbasaur, Venonat, Eevee



Several less common Pokémon have been spotted in this historic Virginia area, especially at Colonial Williamsburg!

Local Hotspots: Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg Premium Outlets, Busch Gardens, William & Mary campus

Pokémon Spotted: Krabby, Paras, Beedrill, Rattata, Pinsir, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Eevee, Jigglypuff

colonial williamsburg

Paras in Colonial Williamsburg



Pidgey at the Jefferson

City of Richmond

The Capital of the Commonwealth has a rich history, and since the game is built around important locations, you can be sure to discover Pokémon around every corner of the city.

Local Hotspots: Canal Walk, Brown’s Island, Downtown area and the Capitol Grounds, The Jefferson, Carytown, VCU campus,

Pokémon Spotted: Zubat, Eevee, Pidgey, Pikachu, Psyduck



If you are in Roanoke, Center in the Square is crawling with Pokemon, and if you need to take a break, there are many restaurants in the district to grab a bite to eat.

Local Hotspots: Hotel Roanoke, The Historic City Market

Pokémon Spotted: Squirtle, Bulbasaur


Blacksburg’s Historic District

Blacksburg is a college town, but the Virginia Tech campus is not the only place you’ll find Pokémon. Walk the Historic District to discover some of the less common Pokémon.

Local Hotspots: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Farmers Market

Pokémon Spotted: Goldeen, Kingler, Zubat, Fearow


Abingdon Historic District

In the mountains of Virginia, Abingdon is already a beautiful place to hike, but bring your phone along and you may be able to capture a few Pokémon.

Local Hotspots: The Tavern, Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace

Pokémon Spotted: Squirtle, Clefairy


Clefairy at the Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace 


Charlottesville pokemon

Venonat at Downtown Mall

Old Town Winchester

Local Hotspots: Historic Downtown Walking Mall,

Pokémon Spotted: Flareon, Scyther



Charlottesville is home to Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia (the official rival for the Virginia Tech Hokies), and walking the college campus will reveal a slew of Pokémon. The Downtown Mall is also a popular spot for locals to catch them all!

Local Hotspots: The Downtown Mall, University of Virginia campus

Pokémon Spotted: Venonat


Virginia State Parks

Pokestops can be found at Trail Markers and Historic Landmarks throughout all Virginia State Parks.

Local Hotspots: With 36 total Virginia State Parks, you can find a park near you to go on the hunt.


Virginia Beach

Walk up and down the three mile boardwalk on the Atlantic Ocean to find many water-based Pokémon or visit the Virginia Aquarium to catch some Pokémon.

Local Hotspots: Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Red Wing Park

Pokémon Spotted: Pinsir, Krabby, Rattata, Slowpoke, Squirtle, Doduo, Oddish, Psyduck

VA Beach Boardwalk

 Doduo at Virginia Beach Boardwalk


Here are a few other places around Virginia that you can catch Pokémon:

Walkerton Tavern—Glen Allen

Pokémon Spotted: Scyther




Valley Turnpike Museum—Harrisonburg

Pokémon Spotted: Weedle


Ben Lomond - PokemonGo

Ben Lomond Staryu

The Zone—Ashburn

Pokémon Spotted: Poliwag, Kakuneus, Abra


Stratford Hall—Stratford

Pokémon Spotted: Zubat, Caterpie, Rattata, Venonat


Ben Lomond Historic Site—Manassas

Pokémon Spotted: Staryu


Riverwalk Landing—Historic Yorktown

Pokémon Spotted: Magikarp, Caterpie


Luray Caverns—Luray

Pokémon Spotted: Nidoran


Clarke Palmore—Henrico

Pokémon Spotted: Growlithe



The Speakeasy—Luray

Pokémon Spotted: Eevee


Fredericksburg Visitor Center—Fredericksburg

Pokémon Spotted: Eevee


Morven Park—Leesburg

Pokémon Spotted: Vulpix




Jigglypuff at Mosaic District

Lansdowne Resort—Leesburg

Pokémon Spotted: Bellsprout


Mosaic District—Fairfax

Pokémon Spotted: Jigglypuff


Ridgeview Park—Waynesboro

Pokémon Spotted: Rattata


Gadsby’s Tavern Museum—Alexandria

Pokémon Spotted: Staryu


Pokémon are constantly on the move, so you won’t necessarily find the listed Pokémon at these awesome Virginia attractions, but you are sure to catch a few while visiting these hot spots. When all else fails or you only have an hour to kill, hit up your local city or county park, as these are frequently full of Pokémon. Let us know where you have found the rarest Pokémon throughout Virginia below, and be sure to post your screenshots on the Virginia is for Lovers Facebook page, as well!


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Jigglypuff was also spotted/caught by me at Fire Rescue station 6 in Ashburn


There’s a gym and some random pokemon at Michie Tavern in Charlottesville.


Hitmonchan are prevalent in Newport New Park. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen so many of one type of Pokemon in a particular spot.


Ive seen pretty much every pokemon in this list in occoquan at mills st near the old mill. its a hot spot to find pokemon with hundreds of people every night im level 22 and ive caught 124 different pokemon.


Gyarados in a garden in little river turnpike by tropical smoothie plaza across the street from Home Depot think the falls under Alexandria va, or maybe Annandale check the homedepot on the navi as a landmark then look for the garden by the tropical smoothie @ like 6:45pm by the water a little deep in the garden!!

Shannon Taylor
Shannon Taylor

Norfolk – Ocean View fishing pier. I have seen Jynx, Snorlax, Dratini, Pikachu and….Farfetch’d. I am on level 21 and have caught 70 + which includes Polygon.

Harry Fitch

The best place in Virginia Beach isnt the board walk but Mount Trashmore. There are a ton of towers, pokemon and the big one shade.

Michael Meunier

I had some good luck at both Welcome centers on 64 in New Kent. Caught a Bulbasaur, Tangella, and Poliwag there and have spotted a Scyther and Pinsir


Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive are great for finding rare Pokemon. There’s something at just about every overlook. But don’t forget to catch the views too.

Caroline Bateson
Caroline Bateson

Please discourage people from playing PokemonGo at Civil War battlefield sites and at memorial sites. It is very disrespectful to see this happening where thousands of soldiers died and impacts on the atmosphere at these sites. As a visitor to Virginia for my Summer vacation I have been appalled by the disrespect and selfishness shown in the last week by Pokemon players at some key battlefield sites including Manassas, Petersburg and Antietam