Spearhead Trails Blaze a New Path

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Oct 28, 2014 | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

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To the delight of the local economy in southwest Virginia, the Spearhead Trail has become a mecca for Virginia’s rough and tumble ATV enthusiasts, proving that ol’ cliche, “if you build it, they will come,” sometimes rings true.

Spearhead TrailSpearhead Trails opened in 2013 with the Mountain View Trail System traversing some 60 or more miles of terrain in the Saint Paul area of Wise County. All one needs to have a great time is a few bucks to rent your ATV or side-by-side and a trail permit. Or, just bring your own OHV and buy the permit to be on your way.

The highly anticipated Original Pocahontas Trail System in Pocahontas (Tazewell County) opened earlier this month. The new system added 30 miles (so far) to the 60+ of the Mountain View system, making southwest Virginia a true off-road recreation destination.


— FACTS —Spearhead Trail

  • Saint Paul and Pocahontas are ATV-friendly towns offering riders access to roadways and accommodations.
  • Original Pocahontas (O.P.) has two trailheads. The Boissevain Park trailhead has restrooms, a shelter, and quick access to food and gas.
  • Mountain View has one trailhead and it’s located in the town of Saint Paul.
  • Both trail systems are multi-use, which welcomes dirt bikes and horses, but does not welcome dune buggies, 4x4s or rock crawlers.
  • Both systems offer trails blazed based on ability (green = easy, blue = moderate, black = difficult).
  • Original Pocahontas has more miles of trails yet to be opened and plans to eventually connect with the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in Bramwell, West Virginia.
  • Spearhead Trails is more than off-road recreation. The larger vision encompasses dedicated equestrian trails, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and blueways. A few of those projects:
    • Haysi – Breaks Interstate Park – Poplar Gap OHV Trail (Town of Haysi, Dickenson County, Town of Grundy, Buchanan County) – 100 miles
    • Breaks Interstate Park Equestrian Trail (Dickenson County) – 25 miles
    • Stone Mountain OHV Trail (Town of Pennington Gap, Lee County) – Three phases to total 80 miles
    • High Knob Equestrian Trail (City of Norton and Wise County) – 28 miles to adjoin 80 miles of National Park Service (NPS) trails in the Clinch Ranger District
    • Meadowview-Dante OHV Trail (Russell County) – Ties into the existing Mountain View System to provide additional 40 miles
    • Dante Equestrian Trail (Russell County) – 25 miles
    • Staunton Creek Equestrian Trail (Scott County) – 25 miles
    • Keen Mountain Equestrian Trail (Buchanan County) – 25 miles
    • Keen Mountain Mountain Biking Trail (Buchanan County) – 41 miles
    • Deep Springs Equestrian Trail (Lee County) – 28 miles



1. Novice riders can travel with a guide.
2. Rent a ride if you don’t own a ride.
4. You can do more than ride. River access is easy and the fishing and water fun are abundant.
5. Mud-friendly towns means you can traipse all over the place and no one will bat an eye. It’s expected. It’s welcome. It’s awesome.





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