13 Places to Satisfy Your Buckwheat Craving

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Sep 3, 2014 | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

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Buckwheat is considered a superfood, as it’s packed with more protein than corn, rice or wheat, and it’s gluten free. Like many things, Virginia and buckwheat go way back. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew the crop in rotation on their respective farms at Mount Vernon and Monticello.1,2

Mabry Mill Pancakes

Mabry Mill Pancakes

While buckwheat is no longer one of the more common crops of Virginia, it is still celebrated, available on the menu in select restaurants, and packaged for mixing at home.



Monterey – The Highland Maple Festival is held two consecutive weekends annually in March, and buckwheat pancakes are the perfect recipient of the sweet maple syrup. Now celebrated for nearly 60 years, the festival was designated a “Local Legacy” by The Library of Congress in 1999, and designated the Official Maple Festival of Virginia in April 2014. The sugar camp tours, maple donuts, and buckwheat cakes draw roughly 50,000 visitors to the Allegheny Highlands each year.

Meadows of Dan – Pancake Days is an annual celebration held the third and fourth Saturdays of October at the Volunteer Fire Department. It’s an all day breakfast feast with regular pancakes, buckwheat cakes, sausage, and more! 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.



Fontaine Caffe & Creperie

Fontaine Caffe & Creperie

Not only is Mabry Mill the most photographed site on the Blue Ridge Parkway, their restaurant has some of the most famous buckwheat cakes, too. Even better, you can order them all day! Buckwheat flour is available for purchase as well.



Woodson's Mill

Woodson’s Mill

Raphine – Wade’s Mill is a working mill producing stone-ground grains for your at-home consumption. Visit to get a package of Jim and Georgie’s Wade’s Mill Buckwheat Poundcake Mix, or other buckwheat mixes.


Where in Virginia do you like to eat and buy buckwheat? Comment to share.

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