Eight Virginia Waterfalls for Your Fall Weekends

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Oct 7, 2013 | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

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Updated: August 17, 2015

Waterfalls are awesome any time, but during the fall season, they show off with reflections of orange and red. Light up your fall leaf peeping!

In Millboro, Douthat State Park is home to the Blue Suck Falls Trail, a three-mile moderate to difficult hike that includes a nice waterfall. One hiker proclaims, “Your long climb up the Blue Suck Falls is rewarded by one glorious vista after another.” Download the Trail Map

Falling Spring in Alleghany County is visible from the road, and an overlook provides information and a great view for photos. The spring waters keep this fall going year ’round, and its 80-foot drop is quite spectacular.

Falling Spring

Falling Spring

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If you enjoy fall camping, reserve a space at Shenandoah Valley Campground in Verona before they close for the season in early November. They have their own waterfall that pours into Middle River – a summer destination for tubing.

Grayson Highlands State Park in Mouth of Wilson has a waterfall along the Cabin Creek Trail. It’s a 1.8-mile hike  from the Massie Gap area of the park. Download the Trail Map

The Blue Ridge Parkway has its share of waterfalls. Try these two in Virginia.

1. Apple Orchard Falls is accessed from MP 78.4 at Sunset Fields Overlook, just north of Peaks of Otter. The trail is considered strenuous at a steep 1.4 miles downhill hike (uphill on the way back!), but the 200′ falls are calling …

2. Fallingwater Cascades can be accessed from MP 83.1 and is a moderate 1.6-mile out-and-back trail. It’s also designated a National Recreation Trail – a designation given to existing trails that contribute to health, conservation, and recreation goals in the United States.

Fallingwater Cascades Hiking Trail

Fallingwater Cascades

Crabtree Falls is a 1,200′ cascade and the highest vertical-drop cascade east of the Mississippi River. The lower falls is accessible to elderly and differently abled sightseers, making it an enjoyable outdoor experience for all. Over the course of the three-mile trail past the lower falls is a series of five major cascades and smaller ones. Access the trail from a fee-based lot at 11581 Crabtree Falls Highway, Montebello, VA 24464. And the view? Get a good glimpse from the top of the trail, or you can enjoy it from Crabtree Falls Highway up to/down from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Crabtree Falls Trail

Crabtree Falls

In the same vicinity of Crabtree Falls is the Campbell’s Creek Waterfall on the Mau-Har Trail. A hand-built swinging bridge delivers you across the Tye River, where the 1.5-mile hike will yield the 40′ waterfall. From Route 56 at Crabtree Falls, drive east for 3-4 miles; watch for the Appalachian Trail crossing and a parking lot on the left.


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Avatar Karen oneil says:

We just hiked Crabtree last week. Color not so good and falls flowing but not gushing! Very dry. It was good exercise and beautiful reward at the top of the mountain.

Avatar Michael English says:

It seems to me a very bad idea to show this guy standing with his arms out stretched, right next to the moss and wet , slippery rocks from the water fall. I think enough people have been hurt or killed getting close for a photo or “checking it out”. oh I didn*t read comments. but a bad idea and bad judgement!!

Avatar Ursula Mecking says:

the picture for Fallingwater Cascades is NOT SAFE!!! – See the sad history for Crabtree Falls

There is also Giles Co., VA Cassicaides Falls , the Medows Creek Falls on Rt. 42 Cumberland Gap Road in Craig Co.,VA; & Roaring Run Falls in Botetout Co, VA @ Oriskinany,VA next to Eagal Rock, VA
The Cassicaid Falls in Giles Co., VA is about a two mile hike though the wilderness! The Roaring Run Falls also is about the same distance hike through the wilderness! While Media Creek Falls is visible from a wide spot on Rt. 42 just above Craig Co. Lookout !

Avatar MamaBear says:

Also please remember to lessen impact on these great destinations and stay on trails! and follow ALL leave no trace principles

Avatar Tina says:

Are these accessible by vehicle or are they on hiking trails only?

Avatar Tom Kirk says:

Depends on what you mean. Many have parking, but the payoff for the best parts of the falls usually requires a hike.

Avatar Loring says:

We will be there soon.

Avatar Janet says:

Love, love, love all of these falls. They are wonderful any time of the year, except for the winter. One of my all time favorites would have to be Crabtree Falls. To beautiful to describe. So blessed to live in this area.

Avatar jebva says:

TOO beautiful. They ruined it though when they added all of those access roads.

Avatar Clog4u2c says:

What access roads are you referring to that ruined Crabtree falls? I only know of two.

Avatar Joe says:

The Cascades? Giles Co.

Avatar Brian says:

I would love it if you guys would include a map with all of these locations on them so I don’t have to click on each link to find the closest one.

Brian – Note that the second paragraph has a hyperlink to download the map.

Actually – I just looked again – you’re right – a map of all 8 would be helpful. The map I saw was a trail map for the hike itself.

Avatar Tom Kirk says:

You can try this post that has a map of 10 waterfall hikes in Virginia: http://blog.virginia.org/2014/05/waterfall-trails-summer/