Eight Virginia ATV Destinations

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Jul 15, 2013 | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

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Whether you own an ATV or have yet to experience the exhilaration of navigating an All-Terrain Vehicle along trails with mud, fallen branches, tree roots or whoops sections, Virginia has places for you to ride and outfitters to get you started.



—Spearhead Trail Systems—

Spearhead Trails


If you know what you’re doing, there’s no need for a guide. Hit these trails and parks with a group of friends or family for a day of fun.

Four ATV trails twist through southwest Virginia, totaling over 150 miles that are referred to collectively as the Spearhead Trails system. The Mountain View Trail in Wise County (map) offers one picturesque view after another along more than 60 miles, starting in the beautiful town of St. Paul.

The Original Pocahontas Trail in Tazewell County was added to the trail system in 2014, with a second half built in 2015. These portions add over 50 additional miles of off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails (details). The Original Pocahontas Trail takes you through shaded woods that open to breathtaking vistas. The section has two trail heads; one begins in the small town of Pocahontas and the second is a few miles outside of the town at Boissevain Park.

The Coal Canyon Trail in Buchanan County (map) opened in late spring 2015, and is a 20-mile trail that riders of every skill level can enjoy. A further 100 miles of trails is being planned to add to the Coal Canyon Trail, which will connect Grundy to the town of Haysi.

Stone Mountain offers 30 miles of challenging course for experienced riders only (map). This is a technical trail that contains nine panoramic overlooks, showcasing the beauty and the rugged terrain of southwest Virginia.

The most recent addition to the Spearhead Trail System, Haysi’s Ridgeview combines tree-lined trails and open ridge riding for spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. This trail system spans over 60 miles, providing a mix of routes for beginner, intermediate, and expert level ATV riders.

The Spearhead Trails system continues to grow and expand, becoming the largest and most exciting ATV destination in Virginia. Please note that all trails require permits to ride. The black trails are for expert riders only, and staying on the trails is mandatory.


Opening in Spring 2017, Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure will offer cabin and campground rentals for those riding the Spearhead ATV trails, as well as a 7,500 square foot visitors center, a rock climbing wall, archery tag, all-season tubing, and guided elk viewing tours.


—Moto Cove Offroading—

Moto Cove Offroading is a park in Gore that offers four one-way trails that vary in length and difficulty. A beginner trail is a 1.8-mile loop while the most advanced riders might try their wheels on the 22-mile loop. Riding is available from 8 a.m. until dark. No special permit required. Nominal fee. Adjacent camping available, but ATVs are not permitted within.


—Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap OHV System—

Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap OHV System offers 40 miles of trails.  Five trailheads from the Edinburg vicinity on the west side of Massanutten Mountain give you options on where to unload and get going. The Edinburg Gap trailhead has a restroom. OHV stands for Off-Highway Vehicles and includes four-wheel drive vehicles (trucks, jeeps, etc.), motorcycles, motorbikes, and ATVs. A permit is required. (map)


—Big Boys Playground—

big boys atvs

Big Boys Playground in Harrisonburg is a supervised environment; get help if you need it. The park is open to anything with two or four wheels, basically. Motorcross, trucks, ATVs … come one, come all, get dirty. A couple of renowned mud holes will challenge all vehicles, even the big ones. Riders will also find a rock course and trails to conquer. Open year ’round with no special permit required. Nominal fee.


South Pedlar ATV Trails—

South Pedlar ATV Trails is a looping network 19 miles long specifically designed for recreational ATVing in Amherst County. Open April through November. A permit is required.

Slades Park is located in Surry and offers twelve miles of trails across 300 acres. A pee wee track is available for kids and beginners. Full hook-up camping sites are available. Nominal fee.




—Primland Resort—

Primland Resort

The illustrious Primland Resort is an upscale mountaintop reprieve in Meadows of Dan that happens to offer guided ATV tours through portions of their 12,000 acres. Learn to ride an ATV or two-person side-by-side with the comfort of knowing help is with you on the trail. While you may bring your own ATV, you may not ride without a guide. Reservations are required to tour.


—Appalachian Adventures—

Appalachian Adventures in Luray offers ATV rentals for use on their private trails. Basic instruction is provided for those learning to ride. One and two-hour expeditions available. Inquire about an ATV Getaway with lodging included.


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Melvin Caraway says:

I would like to do the ATV trail riding do you need drivers license for this

Jeanette says:

Hey, which trails are closest to Massanutten?

Dave says:

Peter’s Mill / Tasker’s Gap trails are on the west side of Massanutten, just outside of Edinburg, VA.

alcin compres says:

i have a dirt bike can we meet one of this day to ride??

Zachary says:

Any cabin rentals close to any of these trails?

Jenny says:

You should check out the Real McCoy cabin Rentals in Pocahontas Virginia. They are just minutes away from the Spearhead trail system. You can ride from the cabins to the trails on your ATV.

Wayne ramsey says:

They forgot catfish pond in south Boston va

Jim Sullivan says:

You didn’t mention Rocky Run ATV Trail, west of Harrisonburg, VA. It is free, and open to ATV’s, UTV’s, and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Derek Tyree says:

Is that off of 33

Jason says:

Yes, but there is a gate. You have to go in from Long Run Road

Bryan says:

Are all of these ATV only, or can you drive a 4wd like a Jeep? Any suggestions for legal 4wd trails in VA or WV?

Jim Sullivan says:

Moto Cove and Rocky Run I know are both open to 4wd vehicles. Moto Cove is basically a rock crawling trail.

Adam says:

I’ve seen jeeps on some of the Peter’s Mill Taskers Gap trails.

Jackie glidden says:

We’re looking for a place our 10 yr old son can ride his Honda 250 trx .age limits are making it hard ri find.
Thanks for any help, would also love to find a summer camp for the same thing?
Jackie glidden

We’ve trudged through all kinds of terrain all over the country. Some of us have even gone as far as riding hidden off-road trails in countries with names we can’t even pronounce. As enticing as it may be to ride our ATVs in an obscure part of the world exploring another man’s natural wilderness, there are awesome ATV off-road trails right here on home ground.

ATV parts says:

Wow. Amazing destinations for ATV riding. Thanks for sharing this.