21 Great Breakfast Spots in Virginia

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Jul 18, 2013 | Updated: Jul 24, 2018

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You’re traveling through or vacationing in Virginia and you’re looking for the best breakfast in town. Who might know where to find it? The Locals. When we decided to create a list of the best breakfasts in Virginia we asked none other than … the locals.


Little Grill Collective is a 1940s Harrisonburg mainstay that has been worker-owned since 2003. Their menu is diverse with the usual breakfast options plus vegan and vegetarian delights, too. Little Grill has been voted the best breakfast in Harrisonburg six times over. One local suggests, “Try their breakfast burrito or their made from scratch pancakes. They have a new seasonal pancake flavor every month!” Another local said, “Best pancakes – especially the chai.”

Cranberry's Grocery & Eatery

Cranberry’s Grocery & Eatery

How well-known is Roanoke’s The Roanoker Restaurant? Both Southern Living and The Today Show have recognized The Roanoker for making some of the best biscuits in America. Our insider said, “The ham biscuits and biscuits & gravy are two very popular dishes among locals.”

We’re creatures of habit and like to hold onto our great finds. This is true for a Front Royal local who loves L’Dee’s Pancake House. He wrote, “I have tried their omelets, pancakes and waffles (both w/pecans) and have become a regular visitor. Since 1988 L’Dee’s has been a staple in the community and they treat their patrons like an extended family.”

Stauntonians love Cranberry’s Grocery & Eatery – a certified gluten-free restaurant that uses locally-sourced ingredients. Of note on the menu is the waffle delight, which one local described as “topped with fresh fruit and real whipped cream, it is delicious and nutritious!”

Additional area recommendations:


Some of our local insiders refuse to dance around the subject of favorite breakfast destination. Rather, they come right out and challenge you to challenge them. An example is the local who suggested Harvest Table Restaurant in Meadowview. Of this restaurant he said, “The Harvest Table has the most fresh brunch menu in Southwest Virginia. They have a small menu, but everything is great! One of their best creations is the Quiche of the Day, usually featuring mushrooms, sweet onions, goat cheese and meat from a local farm.”

Harvest Table Restaurant

Harvest Table Restaurant

The Blue Ridge Restaurant in Floyd offers a traditional country breakfast with homemade biscuits and gravy.  The biscuits are so phenomenal, in fact, that one local insists The Blue Ridge Restaurant has “the best biscuits in the state!”

Abingdon’s Southern Sweets received nods for their breakfast wares. The waffles at Southern Sweets are made with cupcake batter and you can choose whichever flavor you like. Donuts are an art and well made homemade donuts simply can’t be overlooked.

If you’ve ever traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway (and probably, even if you haven’t), you’ve heard of Mabry Mill. It is, after all, the most photographed site on the Parkway. That aside, the Mabry Mill Restaurant has an appeal all its own, and one local shared her favorite breakfast: “Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, country ham and all the fixings.”

Mabry Mill Pancakes

Mabry Mill

Additional area recommendations:


Millie’s Diner is a locally owned restaurant in Richmond. One dedicate patron gave us a great commercial for Millie’s stating, “It has built a long-standing reputation on the goodness and variety of its menu.” So what’s good to eat at Millie’s? “What’s not?” might be the better question. Their brunch is renowned. Go for an open-face omelet smothered with goodness. They call it Devil’s Mess and you can even get it veggie style.

Millie's Diner

Millie’s Diner

Additional area recommendations:


If you love breakfast all day, any time of the day, d’Egg Diner in Norfolk is for you. The local we heard from weighed her favorite menu items, stating, “As far as a favorite dish, there are just too many to choose from. The traditional eggs cooked to order with all the sides or a grand omelet” are her picks.


Baby Jim’s Snack Bar in Culpeper has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1947, and they’re well known for their breakfast sandwiches. A cool addition to the food is the original red, white and blue steel neon sign that points the way.

Baby Jim's Snack Bar

Let YOUR voice be heard. Leave a comment to tell us (and the world!) about your favorite Virginia breakfast hangout.


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Avatar Dean says:

Virginia dinner…..have never had a bad country breakfast there….just sayin

Avatar Rosie says:

the diner in Exmore over on the Eastern Shore had the best omelets I think I have ever eaten in my life.

Avatar phil says:

I read the statements about L’Dee’s in Front Royal, the food was not bad but the owner was rude, and perhaps cheap, when you asked for a refill on the coffee the owner just walked away and never returned, we sat for a while talking, finally said something and she was like ” oh i don’t have a pot brewed” umm why not say that when we asked? also don’t you make your living selling food and coffee??? Perhaps she would be better suited for Fairfax or something. Now a great breakfast place i found on a random stop was Joe’s Cafe in Sterling Va. holy moly. only bad thing about this place is it was packed full of people.

Avatar George Harman says:

Papermill Restaurant, Winchester, VA.

Avatar Tracy Cifers says:

Please consider The County Seat Restaurant in The village of Powhatan next time. Family owned and ran by three generations ?

Avatar Jackie O\'Dell says:

Rick’s Diner in Virginia Beach. Family owned diner type restaurant near Oceana Naval Base. Best country fried steak ever.

Also Doc Taylor’s in Virginia Beach. At the oceanfront, former Navy Mess Specialistvwhips up some amazing breakfasts.

Avatar Lefty says:

The Old Chickahominy House in Williamsburg, VA.

Dang Commune doesn’t even get a mention?! All we do is VA! Come on guys!

Avatar Mike says:

Java Jack’s in Tappahannock, Virginia.

Avatar Dee says:

The Hungry Farmer in Cana has tons of awful flies in their restaurant. Looks unsanitary to me.