School’s Out. Now What?

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Jun 8, 2012 | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

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Moms and dads, are you looking for something fun, creative, energy-burning, and awesome for your kid(s) to do this summer? Boredom is killer. Feels like just yesterday I was on a reading marathon for the duration of summer. Not that there’s a thing wrong with reading all summer, but, ya know. A kid’s gotta play sometime.

Marine Science Consortium

Marine Science Consortium

Enough about my summers and more about yours. What’s the plan for your tikes and/or big kids? There are summer camps for nearly anything they have an interest in, so let’s get to it.

On we have a handy set of articles that detail Arts & Music, History, Outdoors, and Sports camps (as they’ve been brought to our attention). Jump on over there to get the whole hog, but here are a few that I especially like and hope that you will find interesting, too.

If your child enjoys playing in the dirt or has a fondness for hunting buried “treasures,” perhaps the Diggin in History Archaeology Camp at the Chesterfield Historical Society would be an apt camp for him or her. Kids 8-12 will be taught the proper use of tools, how to set up a site for a dig (can’t you imagine your backyard now?), excavation techniques, and more. They’ll have the chance to examine historical digs and take a trip to Petersburg National Battlefield. $95/student.

What child has not dreamed of flight? It seems to be in our DNA that we’d like to soar as the birds do. At the Virginia Space Flight Academy on Wallops Island, your little space cadet can explore model rocketry, robotics and flight simulation. As if that’s not cool enough, field trips include visits to NASA’s Range Control Center, Payload Testing & Assembly Center, launch sites, and more. Students should be 11 to 15 years old. Six one-week all-inclusive overnight camp sessions are available beginning July 1. $795/student.

The Latin Ballet invites kids 5 to 16 to put on their dancing shoes for some ballet, Latin jazz, modern and hip-hop classes. Kids will also have a chance to try their hands at percussion. Who doesn’t want to bang a drum? The camp is broken into three two-week sessions (9 AM to 4 PM), July 9-August 17, at either the Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen or Richmond Center Stage in Richmond. $325/session.

New Market Battlefield State Historical Park

New Market Battlefield State Historical Park

A variety of Civil War camps are available all across Virginia all summer long. From Newport News to New Market, up to Bristow and back to Petersburg, your little soldiers can get schooled on battlefield life as well as the roles of those who were left at home. Camps begin as soon as June 23 and run into October, if need some weekend adventure plans. Rates begin at $70/person.

Do you have a drama queen in your house? Maybe the Living Storybook Drama Camp is just what she needs to channel her inner diva. Held at the Spencer Penn Centre in Henry County July 23-27 from 10 AM to 2 PM, the week culminates in a recital on Friday where the one-day-Academy-Award-winners will deliver their lines with grace. $90/student.

Hang ten with the big boys (and girls) when you take up one of the righteous Billabong surf camps at Virginia Beach. The chicas have their turn in one of four two-day sessions (July 12-August 15) with the dudes choosing one of eight three-day sessions (June 20-August 15). Girls are $110; boys are $160.

Budding culinaristas have a chance to take classes spun from hit television shows – Cupcake Wars, Ace of Cakes, and Top Chef sound familiar? In Martinsville at The Artisan Center, kids can participate in their own cook-offs and bake-offs. Camps begin June 18 and are 8:30-11:30 AM. $55/student.

If dolphins melt your heart, the Marine Science Consortium on Wallops Island must be your summer destination. Three-to-five day all-inclusive overnight camps range from coastal mammals and fish to dangerous creatures. Campers should be 10 to 15 years old, depending on the session chosen. Camps are $299-$599/student and start as soon as June 24. See all available camps.

There are dozens more where these came from, so go check ’em out.
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