Drive-Ins: Remember What You’ve Been Missing?

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Jul 29, 2011 | Updated: Oct 2, 2014

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Drive-in movie theaters are few and far between, and gosh, they’re so much fun! If you forgot about these old-school hot spots, refresh your memory and get to one soon for new memory-making.

Virginia’s oldest operating drive-in dates to 1949 – Moonlite Drive-In in Abingdon – and is registered with both the state and

Hull's Drive-In, Lexington

Hull’s Drive-In, Lexington

nationally as a historic location. The flicks are still showing every weekend seasonally.

Revamped and featuring tons of family fun is the Park Place Drive-In in Marion. The original theater dated to 1954, but this “new and improved” venue includes a mini golf course, batting cages, an arcade, and yummy ice cream shop.

Missing the memories they made in their younger days and seeking reasonable entertainment for their young family, a couple in Hadensville built and opened their own theater only a year or two ago. Goochland Drive-In includes a concession stand and does it like the old days – double features on the cheap.

My own hometown drive-in, Hull’s in Lexington, is the only community-owned non-profit theater in the country and dates to 1950. The popcorn is still as good as it was when I was neckin’ in the back row (and when my parents were neckin’ in the back row in the late ’70s)! Take your dinner with you, and your pet, too, for a great night out.

Get back to wholesome fun when you treat the family to a drive-in night. It’s affordable, it’s togetherness, and if we’re not careful, it will be a lost pastime. Learn more about Virginia’s ten drive-ins on


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You missed the Starlite Drive-In in Christiansburg, VA. The Starlite has been in operation since 1953 and the same family owns it! Absolutely the most amazing hot dogs, bar none! This year the snack bar added nachos, which you can get with the same dog chili!

You can connect w/the Starlite facebook page from the website!

The Starlite in Christiansburg is filled with close to 60 years of MEMORIES! 🙂

Casey says:

We didn’t miss it. Please click through the last link to see all ten of Virginia’s drive-ins, including Starlite!

Bev Gosney says:

You missed one:

Casey says:

No, it’s included in the link through to! 🙂

Rita says:

If i am not mistaken … last time i was in Winchester, VA they still had a drive in movie theater … i hope that it is still there … we had a lot of great times there with our children …

Casey says:

That must be one that we’re not aware of. Thanks for the info and I’ll dig to see if I can find out more.

John says:

It is in Stephens City