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by Casey Higgins | Posted: Apr 13, 2010 | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

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Children's Museum of Richmond

Children's Museum of Richmond

Last week my family of four visited the Children’s Museum of Richmond. I won’t lie, admission fees sometimes deter me, but C-MOR offers an annual pass for families, and not just families of four. Families of five, six, eight, … however many children you have in your household, you’re all covered for one year for $100. Admission for the four of us for one day cost $32. That annual pass was an easy sell. We’ll recoup that money in just a few visits, and when we travel across Virginia, we can get into other children’s museums for free! Not to mention a 10% discount on gift shop purchases when the inevitable, “Can I have it? Puhleeaase?” rings out.

Whether you’re a Virginia resident or a frequent visitor to Virginia who is looking for ways to stretch a dollar and still have fun, the annual family pass at the Children’s Museum of Richmond is a great option to consider. Virginia sister museums offering recirprocal admission under the pass are:

In addition to these Virginia museums offering reciprocal admission, there are more than 100 others nationwide that your family can take advantage of as well.

Have fun and save a dollar or two doing it! To begin planning your Virginia vacation, visit or call 1-800-Visit-VA to request your very own Virginia is for Lovers Travel Guide.


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This is a really great post, I’m glad that you put this content out there for everyone, and I’m sure that others feel the same way!

Jenee Libby

Dear Xander, I am the fundraising assistant at the Virginia Discovery Museum in Charlottesville, Virginia. I saw your comment and want to assure you that you and your children are *always* welcome in our Museum. We pride ourselves in offering an experience that is “enlightened and truly welcoming” to any and all definitions of family. We hope you’ll consider visiting us sometime. In fact, call me at the Museum when you and your family visit (phone number at and we’ll offer you a free day pass so you can see how diverse and welcoming we are. Not all of… Read more »


Don’t you mean Virginia is for straight, White, unmiscegenated Southern lovers? If I am a mixed race gay family with children (which I am), why would I want to come and spend money in your state? I know that mixed race couples are permitted in your state and that gay sex is no longer illegal. But that took two Supreme Court decisions to get to this point. There are so many places to go in this country and not enough time to visit them all. I want my children to experience an enlightened and truly welcoming and accepting environment. Oh,… Read more »