The Clock’s Ticking on Whale Watching

by Casey Higgins | Posted: Feb 22, 2010 | Updated: Sep 23, 2014

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Whale Watching off Virginia Beach

Whale Watching off Virginia Beach

If you’ve yet to spot the humpback whales migrating off the coast of Virginia Beach, hurry! The migration time frame is almost up! To help you with last minute plans, Virginia Beach accommodations are offering Whale Watching Travel Packages. Book your weekend getaway today and enjoy tickets to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center along with your whale watching boat trip. Packages are available from $83 per person.


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One Comment

Marj Harrington says:

My husband and I took advantage of the VA Beach whale watch package, and stayed at the Atlantic Sands Oceanfront Hotel. Sunrises were amazing, the aquarium was incredible, and we went a bit north to Fort Story to see the Cape Henry lighthouses up close and we loved that. The weather was a bit windy, but not too bad…of course the best weather day was Sunday, or the day to go home.
My comment is addressing the accommodations….the hotel was awful! I know that it says that the hotel is undergoing renovations, but I would never have stayed there if I knew what rough shape the rooms and entire hotel were in. Right from the beginning, it was unpalatable, with dirty drywall in the lobby and garbage and a dumpster in the front parking area (which is deceptive also, there is no on site parking, you have to park a block away). The first room they gave us had a very badly leaking toilet(leaked from base when flushed), and the second room had a non-functional television. When we told the woman at the front desk about the tv, she asked if we wanted to go back to the first room(ewwww) because they had no other rooms. We dealt with no tv, opting to read or walk on the beach, which was actually a better use of our time anyway). We went looking for a functional ice machine, and found one 4 floors away, and found the most of the hotel was unoccupied, and truly in the middle of being renovated. Both rooms that we were offered looked so….well, let me just say that they had redone the ceiling without putting down a dropcloth, there was spackle ALL over the floors everywhere. Also, not one window in the entire place was cleaned…the place looked filthy…there was a paper on the bureau that said pardon the dust…I laughed, if that were the only thing to pardon. I will admit that the bed looked new, the sheets, blankets, coverlet and drapes looked new…and the view of the ocean was perfect, I was just very disappointed about the rest of the room. I’m not usually picky about such things, and I made an effort to not let it ruin my weekend. We saw no whales on the cruise, and it was freezing, even though we were appropriately dressed, but I understood about that, there was no guarantee and the day was chilly to begin with. I did get some lovely pictures, and I would go back again in a minute, in fact I plan to as soon as possible. But I’ll never go back to that hotel, nor would I ever recommend it. It was a very good example of “you get what you paid for”, since I chose the cheapest hotel package of the lot.