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    #Downtown #Staunton is filled with amazing #architecture including the Romanesque-Revival Marquis Building seen here. It was designed by T.J. Collins in 1895 (he designed nearly 200 buildings throughout the city in various styles during the #Victorian Era). Note the large umbrella fixed to the corner of the turret! #loveva #virginia #vatravel #mainstreet #vais4lovers #oldschoolva
    Check out this awesome #aerial of the CSX A-Line #Train #Bridge (circa 1919) you've probably seen when driving on the Powhite Parkway crossing #JamesRiver! Props to @vintage_rva for the incredible capture. Tag your #VA photos with #LoveVa for a chance to be featured here! #trainbridge #drone #flyinghigh #rva
    Sip away the end of #summer at North Gate #Vineyard in Pucellville before the crush begins! They have live music every Friday evening (TGIF: Thank Grape It's Friday), making it an ideal time to stop by for a taste. Next month is #Virginia #Wine Month, when a lot of vineyards across the state will be harvesting their #grapes. Photo props to @emkittie! #VAwine #howisummer #winetime Tag your #VA photos with #LoveVA for a chance to get featured here.
    Here's a beautiful shot of @castlehillcider in Keswick posted by @merchcolony_cville. This is currently the only #cidery in the world to be fermenting and aging in buried terra cotta amphorae called kvevri. Plan a trip to try some of the world's finest right here in #Virginia. #loveva #vacider #drinklocal #cville #vatravel #castlehillcider #vaweddings
  • 10 Can’t-Miss Dirty, Muddy, Fun Runs

    by Casey | Posted on June 21st, 2013

    Dedicated runners and those who are new to the sport are loving the latest crazes designed to get you off your tush and get active. Mud runs and color runs are popping up all over the place, and Virginia is no exception. It’s “game on” with these and other unique upcoming races.

    Make a mud run a family affair when you register for the Henricus Dauber Dash in Chester on June 29. A muddy one-miler is designed with short legs in mind, while grown-ups tackle messy obstacles of their own. The Dauber Dash combines history and nature, plus throws in a post-race party. Dash away all!

    Helgamite Hustle Mud Run

    Helgamite Hustle Mud Run

    Following up on the mud bug theme, Axton is hosting the Helgamite Hustle Mud Run on August 10. It’s a cross-country style course featuring natural and man-made obstacles, including mud pits.

    While there’s no mud planned for the Obstacle Course Run at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest on August 17, we all know that well-worn paths can sometimes equal mud. Ready to beat it down and stir it up on historic grounds?

    Evening runs afford the sounds of cricket chirps and frog songs, not to mention cooler temperatures. Add the harvest moon to the equation, and you’ve got none other than the Harvest Moon Run 10K in Martinsville on September 6. A TGIF party will follow.

    Start with white – all white – clothing. Then pound the pavement! The Color Run in Richmond on September 14 will be the most fun you’ve ever had while running, and it’s the perfect starter 5K for those who are new to running. The Color Run is the “Happiest 5K on the Planet.”

    The Color Run

    The Color Run

    Think you’re hot stuff? We’ll see how hot you are when you run over hot coals. But don’t worry, the mud will cool your toes. Do be on guard for other obstacle mischief, as there should be plenty of barbed wire included in the Warrior Dash at Colonial Downs in New Kent on September 28. Go. Conquer the beast.

    The short and not-so-sweet Roanoke Zombie 5K will have your skin crawling and your adrenaline pumping on October 5. Launch from the start line with a set number of flags on your belt (think flag football), and try to keep at least one. Zombies lay in wait to chase you down and eat your flesh, er, flags. Consider yourself “undead” if you make it to the finish without any flags. As the organizers put it, “there will be a start line, and a finish line, but what happens in between is up to you.” Zoinks!

    Looking to run for a purpose? And maybe to find a little joy as well? Register for the Color Me Rad 5K at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on October 20. A portion of the proceeds benefit Special Olympics, so you can feel good about raising money and getting color bombed.

    Launch a preemptive turkey day calorie strike when you join the ranks of the Turkey Trot 10K in Quantico on November 23 or the Turkey Day 5K and Family Fun Run in Martinsville on November 28. So what’s it going to be? Marines barking orders or “fabulous” Thanksgiving-themed prizes (read: turkey basters)? It’s all in great fun (and there really aren’t Marines barking orders … at least not for this race).

    That’s a lot to choose from and it’s not even all of them. Find more great 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, marathons, duathlons and triathlons at Comment below to tell the world which races you plan to conquer.

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    1. At just over five miles, this race offers more than your typical mud run—four mud pits throughout the course and five exercise stations with members of the military manning each station. Don’t be surprised if an army drill sergeant yells at you to get down and give him 10, said marketing communication director Julie Armstrong. “There will be marines or army guys barking orders to get down and do pushups or get over the wall again,” she lightheartedly warned.