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    #Downtown #Staunton is filled with amazing #architecture including the Romanesque-Revival Marquis Building seen here. It was designed by T.J. Collins in 1895 (he designed nearly 200 buildings throughout the city in various styles during the #Victorian Era). Note the large umbrella fixed to the corner of the turret! #loveva #virginia #vatravel #mainstreet #vais4lovers #oldschoolva
    Check out this awesome #aerial of the CSX A-Line #Train #Bridge (circa 1919) you've probably seen when driving on the Powhite Parkway crossing #JamesRiver! Props to @vintage_rva for the incredible capture. Tag your #VA photos with #LoveVa for a chance to be featured here! #trainbridge #drone #flyinghigh #rva
    Sip away the end of #summer at North Gate #Vineyard in Pucellville before the crush begins! They have live music every Friday evening (TGIF: Thank Grape It's Friday), making it an ideal time to stop by for a taste. Next month is #Virginia #Wine Month, when a lot of vineyards across the state will be harvesting their #grapes. Photo props to @emkittie! #VAwine #howisummer #winetime Tag your #VA photos with #LoveVA for a chance to get featured here.
    Here's a beautiful shot of @castlehillcider in Keswick posted by @merchcolony_cville. This is currently the only #cidery in the world to be fermenting and aging in buried terra cotta amphorae called kvevri. Plan a trip to try some of the world's finest right here in #Virginia. #loveva #vacider #drinklocal #cville #vatravel #castlehillcider #vaweddings
  • 17 Virginia BBQ Joints You’re Going to LOVE

    by Casey | Posted on May 31st, 2013

    We’re always on the hunt for the best of Virginia – everything from hikes and drives to wines and eats. The list that follows includes 17 great BBQ joints for those who travel with their taste buds. Note that these are not ranked, recommended by locals and we invite you to leave a comment below to give a shout-out to your favorite.

    The Checkered Pig

    The Checkered Pig

    1. In Virginia’s motorsports hotbed sits the family owned and operated Checkered Pig Barbecue. You might have seen this Martinsville gem on Food Network, the Travel Channel or Versus, or tasted their award-winning ribs and sauces at a festival. No? Consider this the drop of the green flag for you to put your pedal to the metal.

    2. Saucy’s Walk-Up BBQ is a deceptive delight. A converted shipping container sits on the corner of 5th and Bollingbrook Streets in Petersburg. It’s there that you’ll literally walk up and order some of the most delicious homemade barbecue pork, chicken and ribs in Virginia. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Southern Living found it to be noteworthy, so …

    3. Hailed as the best pulled pork, chicken, ribs and brisket in the New River Valley, Due South BBQ in Christiansburg is indeed an award-winning establishment with quite a few first place claims to fame. Don’t miss out on their Tuesday night all-you-can-eat deal or their Wednesday night “kids eat free” opportunity.

    The BBQ Exchange, Gordonsville

    The BBQ Exchange, Gordonsville

    4. The Northern Virginia and Washington, DC crowds LOVE Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company with their Alexandria and Arlington locations. Rocklands uses red oak and hickory to smoke their meats – a little cooking strategy that has garnered them “Best of DC” acknowledgements five years in a row.

    5. If St. Louis style ribs and Memphis style BBQ are your weakness, The Galax Smokehouse in Galax is the place to be. In fact, everyone wants to be there. It didn’t take long after its 2003 opening for this BBQ joint to become a magnet for locals and tourists alike. When you’re good, you’re good.

    6. Old-school, slow-cooked, open-flame barbecue-you’re-going-to-LOVE comes from BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville. The Hartman’s have spent more than 30 years perfecting their hickory-smoked pork and chicken. You’re in for an amazing treat when you look up this whitewashed gem in Orange County.

    7. Smitty’s Better Burger - An authentic 1950′s drive-in and Hampton Landmark.

    8. Dixie Bones - Named one of the Top 100 Restaurants by Washingtonian Magazine. Woodbridge

    9. Log Cabin Barbecue - Enjoy your down-home barbecue in a 200 year old log cabin in Elkton.

    10. Buz and Ned’s Real BBQ - Man v. Food and Throwdown with Bobby Flay have embraced Buz and Ned’s in Richmond.

    11. Monk’s BBQ - Have a little Corcoran craft brew or wine with your southern-style barbecue in Purcellville.

    12. Q Barbeque - “So good it won barbecue competitions across the country.” We’ll take that as good. Find it in Midlothian.

    13. Pierce’s PITT Bar-B-Que   - Pierce’s hickory-smoked, Tennessee-style Bar-B-Que made with “Doc” Pierce’s Original Bar-B-Que Sauce brings you the flavor and taste that’s a true American original. Located in Williamsburg

    14. The Barbeque Grill - “Ribs must be served fresh from the smoker,” is the philosophy of this Vinton joint, so come get a fresh, hot rack Fridays after 5.

    15. Allmans BBQ in Fredericksburg – Serving BBQ since 1954. Vicki says “I have never found any better than Mama’s pulled barbeque – as well as her slaw – yum! and the sauce – oh my!”

    16. Alamo BBQ – Alamo specializes in authentic Texas style BBQ, including an award winning beef brisket. Southwest influenced. Try the jalapeno mac-n-cheese!

    17. Extra Billy’s Smokehouse – Great barbecue and an on site brewery!

    Updated: May 7, 2014

    Go ahead and start your food tour this weekend.

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    Food, Locals | 23 Comments

    23 Responses to “17 Virginia BBQ Joints You’re Going to LOVE”

    1. Kit Rudd says:

      A new entrant that deserves a visit is Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Company in Culpeper. Open since March and they’ve already won accolades including best new restaurant and best catering in Fauquier County. In addition to the staples, they offer more creative entrees such as BBQ Burrito Bowls, loaded baked potatoes, smoked salmon, nachos etc. And they have all you can eat ribs on Monday and Tuesday as well as a kids eat free offer with the purchase of an adult entree.

    2. J Dickerson says:

      Why is Extra Billy’s not on this list. A Richmond staple for almost 30 years!

    3. Lloyd Blevins says:

      I think Bootleg BBQ in Floyd deserves to be on this list,. I highly recommend the ribs which are the meatiest I’ve ever had. Their hot sauce is amazing, however everything is so flavorful, you probably won’t want sauce.

    4. Furgs says:

      Uh, Pierce’s Pitt IS on the list. Kwitcher bitchin’!

    5. Patti says:

      Allmans BBQ in Fredericksburg NEEDS to be on this list!!

      • Vickie Burns says:

        Hear Hear! I’ve been eating Allman’s Bar-BQ for 50+ years and I have ne er found any better than Mama’s pulled barbeque – as well as her slaw – yum! and the sauce – oh my! I catered my husband’s 50th Bday with Allman’s and they’re still going strong.

    6. Nick says:

      Go to CARTER’S PIGPEN BBQ in Mechanicsville! Look for the pink pig painted on the roof. Best around.

    7. Mark says:

      ROCKLANDS? ROCKLANDS? Rocklands is a disgrace to barbeque. Literally the worst I have ever had ANYWHERE on the planet. There is fast food drive through barbeque that’s better. ROCKLANDS? ROCKLANDS? Rocklands is an abomination. I have NEVER EVER met anyone who likes barbeque who has been there who thought it was even passable. ROCKLANDS? ROCKLANDS?
      If it is a choice between dying of starvation or Rocklands, choose death.

    8. Deb says:

      So we live in Virginia Beach and drove to Petersburg based on the fact that the title of this blog was 17 Virginia BBQ joints and you recommended Dixie Restaurant. While the restaurant was very nice and the owners are great the only BBQ on the menu is a pulled pork sandwich. Do a little more research please.

    9. Pete says:

      Alamo BBQ in Church Hill (Richmond) blows all these outta the water

    10. Shanski says:

      The other weekend I was at a wedding that was catered by Ace Biscuit and Barbecue in Charlottesville. Seriously, the best spread I’ve had in a while.

    11. BBQ Lover says:

      You left out Willards BBQ in Chantilly.

    12. alida ault says:

      There used to be a Mr. B’s BBQ outside of Front Royal (White Post) a little off of rt 50, we stopped there recently and it changed hands…not so good now… i wonder where Mr. B went?

    13. Mark P says:

      I been to a few of the places you listed. The best IMHO is ALLMAN’S in Fredericksburg VA

    14. michael M says:

      I read this and it is amazing that you all didnt get to the east of VA!
      YOU forgot DOUMAR’S in Norfolk and Pierce’s in near Williamsburg!

    15. anon says:

      Excuse me, but where is Pierce’s Pitt BBQ on that list!?

      People used to literally drive off I-64 to get to that place. It’s been served to presidents and governors. Or what about Doumars–you know, known for inventing the ice cream cone. Sheesh, do some research

    16. Chrystal says:

      BBQ Exchange is our favorite. We don’t live close so it’s only when we are on the bike that we stop or for some reason are in the area. I wore my BBQ Exchange t-shirt into Q’s at Virginia Center Commons and the guy called me out for it. Oh well.

      • Chrystal, You rock!! wear your shirt next time you come to The BBQ Exchange and I will hook you up!! Guess what, when someone wears any BBQ shirt to our spot , we buy them dessert!!

    17. Matt says:

      A shame that Smokin’ Pig has been out of usiness for over a year, now. In its place is a new one called Jon Boyz BBQ Shack.

    18. Joseph Head says:

      So who set this up, try Crazy Cajun in King George,Va. SOme of the finest NC Style BBQ and Ribs in the area. Located right on Rt 301 with the big pig named Dixie right out front. We serve NC BBQ, Ribs and smoked Chicken. Also we do traditional Cajun Food.