Vote Today and Bring LOVE to a Virginia Winery this October

by Dave Neudeck | Posted on September 21st, 2011

Love Artwork at a Virginia Welcome Center

Love Artwork at a Virginia Welcome Center

Update: Congratulations to Blenheim Vineyards – winner of the Bring LOVE to Your Winery vote. Thank you to all the wineries who nominated their business as part of this fun promotion. Facebook friends be sure to show these folks the LOVE and visit their wineries for October Virginia Wine Month and throughout the year.

More details on Look for the LOVE at Blenheim in October!

See the results below.

The Virginia Tourism Corporation is out to prove that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation especially during October Virginia Wine Month.

Twenty-three Virginia wineries self-nominated themselves for the Bring LOVE to Your Winery event, where VTC will display our giant LOVE artwork at one winery during October. Which winery is up to you so vote TODAY!

Visitors will be encouraged to take a picture in front of the artwork and share it on Facebook at or on Twitter, using the special hashtag #LOVEVA.

See the list below of the wineries who nominated themselves for the Bring LOVE to Your Winery event. Vote for your favorite but hurry – the vote closes at 5 pm. VTC will install the artwork at the winning winery where it will be on display throughout October Virginia Wine Month. Go to to learn more about Virginia’s nearly 200 wineries and wine travel in Virginia.

Update: Poll Closed at 5:00pm Sept 21, 2011

Poll Results:

King Family Vineyards: 32 votes

West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery: 397

Weston Farm Vineyard & Winery: 5

Sans Soucy Vineyards: 384

Philip Carter Winery: 12

Jefferson Vineyards: 18

Hickory Hill Vineyards: 23

Attimo Winery: 5

Doukenie Winery: 23

Cardinal Point Vineyard & Winery: 26

Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery: 181

Lost Creek Winery: 7

Zephaniah Farm Vineyard: 4

DuCard Vineyards: 140

29 Vines: 58

White Rock Vineyards & Winery: 11

Saude Creek Vineyards: 71

Rebec Winery: 42

Pearmund Cellars: 28

Bluemont Vineyard: 37

Chatham Vineyards: 275

Blenheim Vineyards: 3,134

CrossKeys Vineyards: 8

Plan a visit to one of these wineries and other great Virginia wineries at or try our interactive map to find a winery nearby any desitnation in Virginia at


Mary G says:

Not a very good job, none of the four wineries I would have voted for are on the list, so I didn’t vote. Poor job in marketing.

Cameron says:

Mary, Just so you’re aware of how it worked: this promotion went out to all wineries in the state who subscribe to the free tourism blasts.

Apparently, these are the 23 wineries who jumped to put their hats in the ring. All of these wineries are working their hardest to cross-promote with our state’s tourism department (one of the top in the country). What you see among this list of wineries are a few biggies and those who are more invested in cross-marketing because many of us are smaller mom and pop owner/winemaker establishments where the owner is the one who makes all of the decisions due to the boutique nature of our wineries and minimal marketing budgets.
At our winery, we saw the huge potential of this neat promotion and immediately responded, hence we’re #4 on the list. Perhaps you should visit some of these guys- you may find a real gem or two among them. If you come see us, be sure to tell us who you are. (It’ll be one of 3 people in the tasting room because like I said, we’re a boutique family winery!) I’ll buy you a glass because I’m happy to see you care about the state’s greatest tourism asset- the wineries! Cheers!

David M says:

Hi Mary G – it’s not poor marketing – the wineries all self-nominated. If your four aren’t on there, it’s because they didn’t nominate themselves. Therein lies the marketing shortfall.

Jamie krueger says:

What David said!!!!

Hi Mary, please note that this opportunity was offered to all the wineries across the state. Twenty-three nominated themselves for this vote contest. The whole point is to showcase wine travel in Virginia and promote October Virginia Wine Month which is right around the corner. I’m sure your favorite wineries probably had too much on their plate to nominate themselves at this time.

Sandy says:

My son, Matt and lovely fiance, Erica are getting married at Prince Michel in Sept 2012!

Allison says:

I would come down from PA to see the LoVE brought to Blenheim!

kaesiri says:

my sister had a beautiful outdoors in Boyce Virginia!!

Audra Repass says:

West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery is my pick! Always!

Agree completely with you Audra!

Will FC says:

Is it not fishy that one winery has 10x the votes of everyone else? It’s not that hard to mask an IP address to vote…just sayin.

Nikki says:

One vineyard has all the votes bc it is DAVE MATTHEWS Vineyard and he has alot of fans!

Vino says:

I call shenanigans.

Nicole says:

It’s not one IP address. Blenheim is Dave Matthews’ new winery and we, his fans, are trying to help out.

Jamie krueger says:

If u know wines then u know that the winery u speak about cheating in the contest is owned by a very famous band DMB that promoted this voting poll on thier Facebook page!!!

Michele says:

No one is cheating with IPs (at least not in the amount you are assuming – I’m sure it’s possible that a few people have tried that with several of the wineries listed)…it’s just that Blenheim Winery is the home of Dave Matthew’s new “Dreaming Tree” wine – and he (and the DM band) has a MASSIVE and HUGELY loyal following of hundreds of thousands of loving and adoring fans.

DMB fans are loyal and passionate to a fault and run to help any cause associated with Dave Matthews. :)

So while there may be a few that cheat, it’s the DMB community in large that is coming out to support someone who has made a difference in their lives.

Britt says:

This winery is just Dave’s own winery, Dreaming Tree is based in California.

Lori says:

It’s not fishy when it’s Dave Matthew’s vineyard. He has our support.

Claudette says:

It helps when your winery is co-owned by Dave Matthews :)

Ash says:

Actually it’s not fishy at all, Dave Matthews Band plugged this vineyard and they have 2.5 million fans backiing them!!

Dan says:

Not really – they’re just proactive about getting the word out and have a tons of supporters based on who the owner is.

Unloving says:

Exactly! LOVE needs to figure out how to run a contest before offering a contest. People know how to cheat the system…I can vote over and over and over again. What’s fair in that?

Jasmin says:

The winery with the most votes put a link on Facebook asking fans to vote for it. Dave Matthews has no reason to sit on his computer and vote for his own winery. Probably doesn’t have that sort of time, either…

Joe says:

It’s not fishy when that winery is owned by Dave Matthews and put a message out on his Facebook page to vote for it.

Karen says:

I’ve read so much misinformation on these postings, it’s a shame. Here are some facts as I know them:

1. Yes – Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band owns Blenheim Vineyards in VA
2. LoVE is a huge “movement” so to speak of the fans of the band. They are passionate and dedicated and loyal and MANY have visited the vineyard and order wine through the website.
3. It would reason that if their fans of the band, they would likely buy the products associated with Dave and the band.
4. Dreaming Tree Wines is a new LINE of wines out of California with “vineyard guru”, Steeve Reeder. It is not associated with Blenheim at all other than both having the connection to Dave Matthews.

Dawn says:

Hi Will…the votes are for real. It is all about marketability. If you knew who owned the winery, then maybe you would understand why it is getting so many votes.

NG says:

That’s what happens when dave matthews band fans get together and vote for something they LoVE!! :)

gina says:

that’s right!!!;)

Ashley says:

Or maybe said winery has a lot of support. :)

Dave says:

Will – We are monitoring the vote and everything appears legit. Blenheim is really getting the word out to their fans and people in their community to vote. It’s not too late for others to do the same. Voting runs through 5pm today. Dave

Britt says:

The one that has 10% more votes is owned by a famous musician. Therein lies your reason, not because people are cheating. All of his fan’s are voting.

Nancy says:

Will, the winery with 10x the votes belongs to Dave Matthews (yes, of the ultra famous, globally touring Dave Matthews Band). A lot more people are familiar with that vineyard than the others. It’s likely that some of the other vineyards on the list are only known regionally, in which case it’s great advertising for them to appear on the same list as the Matthews’ winery. Assuming that everyone who voted had to read the list of names to find the winery they were looking for, then even the people who voted for the most famous winery had to read almost to the very bottom of the list. I think whoever programmed the poll did that on purpose :)

Jay Williams says:

It’s really strange that one of the wineries is getting so many votes so, so fast! Especially weird compared to the other vote totals. If the artwork ends up there we’re all gonna have to wonder.

Britt says:

Not strange. It’s owned by Dave Matthews, a famous musician who posted it on facebook to all of his fans…. millions of fans.

Allison says:

Never underestimate the power of DMB fans… especially when it comes to love~

Gina says:

Could not have said it better myself.

IndyCornbread says:

LoVE indeed!!

lightyear says:

Lot’s of Dave Matthews fans out there voting!

Marcie C says:

I can speak with some authority on the fact that the winery in question with the large number of votes is not actually cheating. In any way. Don’t accuse without proof!

gina says:

diehard dave matthews fan……just saying

Holly says:

Hey! I just voted for you guys because I HONESTLY feel you do the BEST job out of all of them. Keep it up and hope you get the sign!

Britt says:

That’s un-called for.

Nancy says:

Hey VA tourism people– could you post a map with dots representing each winery? I’d love to visit some of these places, but I’m out-of-state, and driving to the Winchester area is a whole lot more doable than Roanoke or Bristol…

Dave says:


Hi! Check out our interactive map at – scroll down the page a bit to the map. You can enter a town or zip code and find many wineries near that location.


Jay Williams says:

Maybe one of the other wineries could sell an interest to Justin Bieber. That kind of support could do wonders for Virginia’s wine industry. Couldn’t hurt their vote tally in this oh-so-credible contest, either!

Jennifer Lucas says:

Maybe if Justin’s fans were older than 21!

Jay Williams says:

Oh, it doesn’t matter if the fans can drink wine or such. All that’s needed is the ability to click a button.

Jennifer Lucas says:

Mr. Williams, why such sour grapes? Every contest is ultimately about advertisement and Blenheim AND many other Virginia wineries will be getting great exposure.

CC says:

You obviously have not tasted the wine….It’s suburb along with the vineyards and staff. I am not a DMB fan, but I am a fan of his winery.

e. says:

Blenheim makes great wines. The Kristi (the winemaker) is awesome, approachable, and very down to earth. She makes wine to drink. Today. And I am not a DMB fan. I am a fan of Blenheim’s beautiful winery and awesome wines.

Jennifer Lucas says:

What a great opportunity for these wineries in Virginia! They are able to get the word out to many people (thank you DMB fans) and I’m sure a lot of us fans will be down to visit. I’m making plans during my next trip to Maryland for a little wine tasting adventure.

Gina says:

I completely agree. I have yet to be to any of these wineries, but working at one in NH I am glad I am a DMB fan because I know have the exposure of places to check out when I make my trip to Virginia. The thought would have never crossed my mind if I did not see the post about the voting going on. So now I am excited for the adventure I will have when wine tasting. It will be wonderful I’m sure.

Beck says:

I agree with Britt. Un-called for.

Kathryn says:

I wish you could put these up at more than one winery! It doesn’t seem fair that only one out of nearly 200 wineries will get to have it.

I wish we could too! As you can imagine with a 8′ by 16′ piece of artwork, it is a bit of a production getting just one placed! But we are working on new, fun ideas to bring more LOVE to more parts of the state. Stay tuned and thanks for voting.

Nancy says:

As I said to Will below, It’s likely that some of the other vineyards on the list are only known regionally, in which case it’s great advertising for them to appear on the same list as the Matthews’ winery. Assuming that everyone who voted had to read the list of names to find the winery they were looking for, then even the people who voted for the most famous winery had to read almost to the very bottom of the list. I think whoever programmed the poll did that on purpose. Frankly, I didn’t know that there WERE any wineries in VA except for Matthews’ winery, and I’m only a state away. Now, I’ve heard of several and am considering driving down for a weekend getaway.

Arlingtonian says:

It’s unfortunate that people are trying to take away from the hard work & dedication exhibited by the folks at Blenheim. They produce a high-quality product and boost the reputation of Virginia wines. They would win on that merit alone.

Jay Williams says:

It’s obvious from reading the comment thread that this has very little to do with the hard work or product at Blenheim (neither of which has really come into question.) I’d love to see a show of hands to see how many of those voters have ever tasted Blenheim’s product, much less visited their winery.

Allison says:

I was there in November 2010 for a wine tasting, and tour of the vineyards.. there’s nothing like sitting on that back porch with friends and tasting some Painted Red. Another plus that their staff is beyond friendly and well versed in wines.

Arlingtonian says:

Indicating that Blenheim is winning solely because of their owner DOES take away from their hard work and product. I have been to the winery numerous times and am a member of their wine club. That said, I also have a hard time believing that given the opportunity, other wineries would not utilize the same type of campaigning.

Nicco says:

I personally LoVE Blenheim Vineyards, not because it’s Dave Matthews-associated, but because of the feeling I get when I’m on the grounds and the way their Painted White goes down so well when you’re sitting at one of their tables with a group of your friends.

It’s the best vineyard I’ve been to in many years.

So I strongly believe that Blenheim isn’t winning only because of a loyal fanbase.

Spyro says:

As an Englishman, my vote goes to Blenheim, but its the only vineyard I’ve been to in Virginia but on my next visit I’ll be sure to check out other vineyards

Amy says:

Wow…amazing all the votes and LoVE out there this morning.

Kevin says:

I’ve been to Blenheim twice and have 4 or 5 bottles of their wine in my basement right now. It’s a quality product. I admit that I haven’t been to all of the wineries on this list. But who has?

Niki says:

It’s hard not to vote for Prince Michel – my now husband proposed at this winery and the staff went out of their way to make it a unique and special occasion. We will forever consider Prince Michel the most romantic winery.

Nicole says:

Aside from Dave Matthews being an owner of Blenheim their wines are really quite tasty. I live within a reasonable drive from Cross Keys, Prince Michel, Blenheim, King, Cardinal Point, etc. and throughly enjoy Blenheim’s the best. The views from their tasting room are magnificent. Granted they may have more votes for the winery because of the name associated with the winery BUT they have used their resources to get the word out for their winery. Each and every winery has that ability and whether their marketing person has created a Facebook page or Twitter handle is up to them. You win some, you lose some. Some of the wineries on here I have not heard of but this is a good way to start googling and check out my wine trail map to venture out to other wineries!

Michele says:

There are fans of DMB that support the winery just because of that, but many many others who have either been there or have seen it and shared it through photos and friends (but not have seen or experienced the other wonderful wineries yet), so of course the one they associate with most will get their vote.

If it seems unfair, it might be a little. But at the same time, a wineries’ wine is one of the reasons to vote for it, and if people have only tried, or support, a wine that it makes, then it seems fair that they should be allowed to vote for it.

This is what happens when voting is left to the masses – people choose based on their own criteria and you have to accept that if you’re going to ask the people.

Blenheim is a lovely winery, and even without DMB it would have been one of my top choices. Dreaming tree wine only pushed my vote completely to them.

Vino says:

Yes, that tasty Dreaming Tree from Sonoma, California. Perfect reasoning. ;)

Joanne Hewiit says:

I visited Blenheim last week and was delighted at how relaxed and laid back the vineyard was, the wine was lovely and the view perfect….I came all the way from Manchester England to visit wineries in Virginia and this was the most perfect one, Charlottesville was also amazing!!! Yes, I too love DMB but also love the wine!!

Katie Nunez says:

My vote is for Chatham Vineyards on the Eastern Shore of Vineyard. I am a resident and huge fan of all three of the wineries located on the Eastern Shore and happily cast my vote for Chatham Vineyards not only for its location but because their wine is very delicious! I think the LOVE sign would be a perfect display fit at this winery because on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, as our logo states, you will love our nature!

Frank Britt says:

Rebec Winery is hosting the 21st Annual Wine & Garlic Festival Oct. 8 and 9. The theme this year is Share the Love…a perfect pairing for the VTC LOVE program. It’s Virginia’s largest attended wine festival (22,000 over two days) so the LOVE logo will get tremendous visability that weekend.That’s my vote.

Nikki says:

I LoVE Blenheim! I’ve come from Ohio on several occasions! Will be there on 10/22 to Celebrate my bday! Hope the LoVE is there! Btw… Who the heck is Dave Matthews??? I LoVE Blenheim Oh so well!!!

Gary White says:

The best and largest, by volume sold, Chateau Morrisette Winery is not on here by choice. They are extremely popular, have thousands of regular fans at all of the great festivals they have on their grounds. Their wines are absolutely the best to be had in Virginia, or anywhere for that matter. My choice, and the choice of thousands, because the wine is worth it, the scenery, ambiance, the outstanding reataurant, staff and the beautiful drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to get there.

Lysa says:

Holy smokes everyone, it’s a contest that ends in a large piece of artwork for a month, it’s not like the winning winery gets money. As has been stated by many, every winery will benefit from the exposure. Relax and enjoy….it’s all good!

Sandy says:

WOW…some people just cannot be happy. Appreciate this for what it is! If you don’t like it, don’t vote and don’t clutter up the goodness with your negativity!

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