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Bring Love To Your Town

by Dave | Posted on August 17th, 2011

LOVE Sign - Virginia is for Lovers

LOVE Sign - Virginia is for Lovers

The Virginia Tourism Corporation is out to prove that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation – in a big way!

21 Virginia towns nominated themselves for the VTC Bring Love To Your Town event. Fans of the Virginia is for Lovers Facebook page will decide which town will get the LOVE artwork – a 16 feet wide eight feet tall installation to promote family vacations in Virginia.

Vote for your favorite but hurry – the vote closes at 5 pm on August 18. VTC will install the artwork on August 31 in the winning locality where it will be on display through September.


Thank you to all who voted in the Bring Love to Your Town event.  We appreciate your LOVE of Virginia’s travel destinations.  Out of the 21 towns who nominated themselves, Abingdon received the most votes and will display the LOVE artwork in September at the Barter Green.

Thanks to all the towns who nominated themselves to showcase that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.

Waynesboro – Constitution Park              481
Kilmarnock – Town of Kilmarnock Town Centre              572
South Hill – In front of the Norfolk & Western Caboose next to the Depot          1,096
Bedford Area Welcome Center              324
Norfolk Visitor Information Center              236
Lynchburg – Blackwater Creek Trail          1,031
Virginia Beach Visitor Center              453
Lexington/Buena Vista – First Catch Fish Market              451
Fredericksburg – Riverfront Park          1,535
Bath County – The Jefferson Pools and Visitor Gazebo in Warm Springs              220
Abingdon – Barter Theatre Green          5,665
Franklin & Southampton – Parking lot of EVB Bank              501
Newport News Visitor Center              251
Gloucester County Visitor Center, Roane Building                61
Mathews County – Mathews Court Green                47
Chesapeake Convention & Visitors Bureau – Great Bridge Lock Park          1,267
Fauquier County – Barrel Oak Winery              469
Alleghany Highlands – Humpback Bridge          4,944
Smithfield & Isle of Wight – Windsor Castle Park              129
Rappahannock County Visitors Center                92
Roanoke – Gateway to Downtown          3,590

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109 Responses to “Bring Love To Your Town”

  1. Megan O says:

    Three cheers for Fredericksburg!

  2. Krissy D. says:

    Sooo excited Abingdon won! love love love my hometown! :D

  3. Stephanie says:

    Well that sucks. I moved to Springfield, VA and missed the Dupont Circle visit in DC and now it’s at the complete opposite side of Virginia. :( Oh well….

  4. Biff Downey says:

    Congratulations to Abingdton…since Alleghany Highlands – Humpback Bridge received 4,944 votes…the near second largest, couldn’t they have the Art after Sept? Abingdon is twice the size and the Highlands had a very competitive showing.

  5. Sandra Andrews says:

    Great job Abingdon, my home town!! Love that place.

  6. Ann Cox says:

    Bring the love to the lovely town of Abingdon

  7. Travis Davenport says:

    Abingdon rises to the top, once again. It is hard to beat this little quaint, historic town. The views are breathtaking and the history is amazing. Gonna be looking for the “Love” as I travel past the “Martha” and the “Barter.”

  8. Kim says:

    There are 8,000 residents in Washington Co. Virginia….Since Abingdon is representing Southwest Virginia….It could be possible for surrounding counties to vote Abingdon, and Northeast TN…..Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City is within 30-45 minutes of Abingdon… We have lots of supporters!!! Yay for Abingdon :)

    • mary says:

      Just a note: there are about 8000 residents in Abingdon itself. Washington County’s population as of 2010 was close to 55,000.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Roanoke needs this! We are a great tourist site and love to spread the love, what better way to show it but to have a sign that proves it!

  10. Catherine says:

    Many thanks to everyone who voted for Roanoke!

  11. AmyB says:

    As someone from that small town in SWVA I am proud of our get out the vote effort. We band together and spread the word and let our voices be heard. We love Abingdon so we want to bring the LOVE to Abingdon.

  12. Helen Reid says:


  13. G.M. Foster, SR. says:

    We have love to give back, so bring LOVE to Abingdon

  14. Kim Marks says:

    Franklin/Southampton County!!!

  15. Cindy Clore says:

    Bring the LOVE to the Burg, there are awesome folks here!!!

  16. Jimmy Jenkins says:

    5,000 votes out of a small town in SWVA looks pretty suspicious.

    • Steph M says:

      I’m not from the town with the 5000+ votes, but my family is there, and I have messaged all of my 700+ FB friends to vote as well — it may just be networking, not the town itself. I don’t think it’s suspicious – how many people have biked the Creeper Trail or been to the Barter? It’s an AWESOME place :-)

    • Lora says:

      Not suspicious at all. It just shows how our whole region pulls together when needed – just like when Glade was devastated by the tornado! All for one and one for all!!!

  17. Anne says:

    Sharing the LOVE in the Burg!!

  18. We have to love Abingdon on this! You can’t go wrong with the Barter Theatre.

  19. Sarah says:

    Kilmarnock needs the LOVE…a BEAUTIFUL and FUN place to live and work!!!

  20. Chazz says:

    Humpback Bridge has LOVE at the top of this page….

  21. Roanoke LOVE says:

    Is that the Humback Bridge at the top of this page??? Seems like they have the LOVE already???

  22. DavidM says:

    Virginia’s oldest covered bridge would be the perfect spot for LOVE. Vote for Humpback Bridge in the Alleghany Highlands.

  23. Jamie says:

    Bring it to the Noke!!

  24. Amy says:

    Roanoke!! Small city with the biggest heart!

  25. Michelle says:

    Bring the LOVE to Fredericksburg!!! We are the BEST!!!!!

  26. Becky Kinson says:


  27. Pam Conway-Brown says:

    Let Roanoke feel the LOVE!

  28. Wendy Pritt says:

    I vote for Bath County.

  29. Sarah says:

    Send the LOVE to Kilmarnock…a BEAUTIFUL AND FUN place to live and work!!!

  30. Scott says:

    We need to catch up Roanoke!!

  31. Tamara says:

    Roanoke feels the LOVE!

  32. Joe Adamo says:

    Bring Love to Roanoke, atop of mill Mountain!

  33. Vote Roanoke – “The Noke”

  34. Brenda Robertson says:

    I vote for Bath County and the Alleghany Highlands We want to Share the Love

  35. Cheryl Smith says:

    Share the love in Lynchburg! :)

    • Kaylee says:

      You’re right Cheryl. Lynchburg needs love. We can be thirsty for it in some aspects. We have a rich history and a beautiful decay en route. I feel as though other cities and parts of Virginia already receive so much Love. We have a gorgeous Truth still surviving here and it’s time our place is encompassed in Love and credit. (:

  36. Michael says:

    Bring LOVE to Roanoke….a GREAT place to live and work

  37. Stephanie Crossan says: