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  • Bring Love To Your Town

    by Dave | Posted on August 17th, 2011

    LOVE Sign - Virginia is for Lovers

    LOVE Sign - Virginia is for Lovers

    The Virginia Tourism Corporation is out to prove that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation – in a big way!

    21 Virginia towns nominated themselves for the VTC Bring Love To Your Town event. Fans of the Virginia is for Lovers Facebook page will decide which town will get the LOVE artwork – a 16 feet wide eight feet tall installation to promote family vacations in Virginia.

    Vote for your favorite but hurry – the vote closes at 5 pm on August 18. VTC will install the artwork on August 31 in the winning locality where it will be on display through September.


    Thank you to all who voted in the Bring Love to Your Town event.  We appreciate your LOVE of Virginia’s travel destinations.  Out of the 21 towns who nominated themselves, Abingdon received the most votes and will display the LOVE artwork in September at the Barter Green.

    Thanks to all the towns who nominated themselves to showcase that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.

    Waynesboro – Constitution Park              481
    Kilmarnock – Town of Kilmarnock Town Centre              572
    South Hill – In front of the Norfolk & Western Caboose next to the Depot          1,096
    Bedford Area Welcome Center              324
    Norfolk Visitor Information Center              236
    Lynchburg – Blackwater Creek Trail          1,031
    Virginia Beach Visitor Center              453
    Lexington/Buena Vista – First Catch Fish Market              451
    Fredericksburg – Riverfront Park          1,535
    Bath County – The Jefferson Pools and Visitor Gazebo in Warm Springs              220
    Abingdon – Barter Theatre Green          5,665
    Franklin & Southampton – Parking lot of EVB Bank              501
    Newport News Visitor Center              251
    Gloucester County Visitor Center, Roane Building                61
    Mathews County – Mathews Court Green                47
    Chesapeake Convention & Visitors Bureau – Great Bridge Lock Park          1,267
    Fauquier County – Barrel Oak Winery              469
    Alleghany Highlands – Humpback Bridge          4,944
    Smithfield & Isle of Wight – Windsor Castle Park              129
    Rappahannock County Visitors Center                92
    Roanoke – Gateway to Downtown          3,590

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    109 Responses to “Bring Love To Your Town”

    1. Tom says:

      Barrel Oak Winery sits on a major hub that services travelers going between Northern Virginia and the Shenandoha Valley. This is the perfect place to show the L.O.V.E sign.

    2. Fred says:

      Love Bath County, Warm Springs is a beautiful place. GO BATH COUNTY!!!

    3. Debbie Wright says:

      I went in for the FIRST TIME and received a message saying that I had already voted!!!
      What’s up?

    4. Evie says:

      Roanoke has an incredible historic district leading into the gateway of downtown. Home owners and shop keepers (such as the Wildflour 4th Street) have put a lot of LOVE into that!

    5. Cindy Kinney says:


    6. Pat Bullard says:

      With all of our hearts we all want to bring “LOVE” home to our town, South Hill, Virginia! Please come visit and you’ll know why it is the sweetest and most loving town in Virginia!!! Hope our dream comes true!

    7. Canidae says:

      There’s a visitors center in Rappahannock County?

      Maybe you could throw a bone to the little guys and make vote percentages relative to population.

    8. Bring the LOVE on down to South Hill, VA. We are the greatest little town in Virginia. We are in between beautiful Kerr Lake/Buggs Island Lake an equally beautiful Lake Gaston. We always love to show the love to our local citizens as well as our many visitors. We are a great little town with lots to be proud of all over.

    9. cathy says:

      What?! Richmond, the capital of Virginia is not on here. We have too many beautiful places where this would look fabulous not to be considered on this list.

      • Tamra says:

        HI Cathy, this was open to all local tourism offices and 21 of them nominated themselves, we did not choose destinations. Thanks for your feedbakc.

    10. George Stevens says:

      I think Waynesboro is headed in the right direction and can do great things
      They have done many good things in the last 2 years

    11. Beckie says:

      GO LYNCHBURG!!! Blackwater Creek Trail is such a great site for the LOVE…and it will really kick off our ‘Love adventure in Lynchburg’ fall campaign. Let’s get votin!

    12. Debbie Vines says:

      Go Chesapeake Go! You name it…..we have it here and we love our Citizens!

    13. Allen says:

      Go Chesapeake!

    14. Doris Jarrell says:

      Go Chesapeake

    15. Hope says:

      Hey, vote for South Hill – great place to live, work, play, and you feel the love here!

    16. Great tourism idea! However, you should consider more than one location. We should have about a couple dozen locations scattered over the Commonwealth. Maybe even vary the colors to reflect the locale- IE VT colors or UVA colors.

    17. Jo Ann says:

      Humpback Bridge in the beautiful Alleghany Highlands is the best spot to show the LOVE……

    18. Beckie says:

      All you who do not see your hometown, sorry they didn’t make it but Lynchburg will gladly take your vote. We will be hosting a ‘Love Adventure in Lynchburg’ contest with the LOVE artwork during the month of September….you could win an exciting ‘Love adventure in Lynchburg’ getaway package!!! Thanx for your help!!

    19. Frank says:

      Shout out for Surry County. We have some good people here as well as pork, peanuts and pines.

    20. bill arnold says:

      Roanoke has the perfect spot in front of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the O. Winston Link Museum where thousands of out-of-staters come to see what Roanoke has to offer. Virginians also come in on a cotinuing basis. Many foreign visitors are also heavy visitors too.

    21. DavidM says:

      It’s the oldest covered bridge remaining in Virginia, so it’s ready for the LOVE it deserves. Vote for Humpback Bridge in the Alleghany Highlands

    22. Cathy says:

      Live in Buena Vista, But Covington is where my heart is. Let’s Go Humpback Bridge!

      • Teresa says:

        Thank you for your support! Humpback Bridge is a beautiful wayside park on old Route 60/Midland Trail and a great place for visitors to stop and take pictures!

    23. Doesn’t matter if Waynesboro gets it or not, because we are putting up a 93 foot tall WTC memorial on a DT building for 9/11/11 anyway, thas going to be way cooler. They need to leave it till next summer.

    24. Lisa W says:

      Let’s show some LOVE for The Commonwealth’s great wineries…. VOTE BARREL OAK !!!

    25. F. Hancock says:

      No where else has there been a love affair more striking than between the people and their historically natural landscape — Southampton County was one of the earliest areas to be settled but has treasured its environment and remained true to its soil. This love affair is witnessed by: the vast number of VA Century Farms (4 times as many here than anywhere else in the Commonwealth. These are farms held, worked and lived on by gneration after generation of farm families.); more Remarkable Trees/champions in our area than anywhere else; the first Riverkeeper Program for VA; etc etc.

    26. Eddie says:

      Checkout Rockbridge Photography on Facebook for that picture of Lexington/Buena Vista – First Catch Fish Market.

    27. Roanoke ROCKS! Visit us at! We are in 2nd Place behind Alleghany Highlands!!! Vote, Vote, Vote!! *\o/*

    28. Nancy says:

      Let’s go Franklin! :-)

    29. Judy Orr says:

      Where is Hampton? Our city is a GREAT city!

    30. Mayumi says:

      Come on Lexington & Buena Vista!!! Vote, vote, vote. Don’t make me come back from my honeymoon and find out that you’ve let me down!

    31. Lynn says:

      VOTE FOR BEDFORD!!! If you LOVE history, the mountains, lakes, hiking trails, walking trails, and biking trails. Bedford is home to the National D-Day Memorial and Thomas Jefferson’s retreat home Poplar Forest.

    32. Teresa Diaz says:

      We’ve got nothing but LOVE in Virginia Beach!!! Let’s go VB!!!!!!!

    33. Ellen Muddiman says:

      Kilnmarnock is the place

    34. Laurie says:

      When you are done with it in September I’d love to have them for my wedding :) It’s LOVE themed.

    35. E. B. Schinlever says:

      Go Kilmarnock!! Best on the Northern Neck.

    36. Lisa Hull says:

      Shoutout for Kilmarnock!

    37. Bath County is the best!

    38. Sue T. says:

      Vote for Bedford!! We have the perfect place for the LOVE!!

    39. Trixie says:

      Let’s do it for Roanoke!! We’re almost there!!

    40. Cindy Estep says:

      Vote for Fauquier County Barrel Oak Winery aka BOW. Pretty Please. :)

    41. Marney Gibbs says:

      Where is Staunton and the Shenandoah Valley?

    42. Cheri Hall says:

      Vote for Norfolk! Let’s go team!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    43. Jared says:

      Newport News is where the LOVE belongs!

    44. Sam says:

      Vote for Roanoke

    45. Zoe Gordon says:

      Barrel Oak is Awesome!!!

    46. Free Speech says:

      Anywhere but Lexington. They would rather erase history and be politically correct. Let them do it with no tourism.

    47. Mike says:

      I say Pearisburg Va…i moved here to P-burg from Allentown Pa and met and married the most wonderful woman in the world,so Perarisburg Va is for Lovers

    48. jmatt says:


    49. Miranda says:

      Let’s go Waynesboro!! This would make that area of town so much more beautiful! :)

    50. Kari says:

      Go Chesapeake!