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Find the Perfect Summer Camp

by Casey | Posted on April 28th, 2010

If you have a sports enthusiast, aspiring marine biologist, or fiddle-totin’ musician, you’ll find a Virginia summer camp fit for their aspirations.

Kids who love to dig in the dirt will find the archeology camp at Castlewood in Chesterfield County a fun way to spend the week. Then again, there is also a camp for kids who love to mix water with their dirt. James Madison’s Montpelier (surprise!) is your go-to for mud action! Kids at this camp will be able to enjoy portions of the 2,560 acre estate¬†… like the creeks!

Wave Riding Surf Camp

Wave Riding Vehicles' Surf Camp in Sandbridge

Hey soccer mom, here are¬†impressive camps for your little kicker. Who knew that the Martinsville area would be THE place to have major influences like¬†British and Brazilian teams conducting a camp? Register soon and your kid will be sporting a¬†replica jersey from the respective camp they’re attending. (That’s in addition to the other awesome swag!)

Speaking of swag, how well does Billabong¬†ring in the mind of your ‘tween or teen? Down in Sandbridge (south of Virginia Beach), Surf & Adventure Co. offers the Billabong¬†Surf Camp for the guys and the¬†Billabong¬†Chica Surf Camp¬†for the gals. Learn the basics (and maybe a few advanced maneuvers) of surfing and take home a Billabong goodie bag, too! Can’t make it during one of the scheduled camps? No worries. The cool dudes at S&A will give you your own mini camp, so long as there are at least four of you.

Ichthyology – ich¬∑thy¬∑ol¬∑o¬∑gy – noun -¬†the study of icky things. Oh, wait. No, that’s the study of FISH, and if you have a child who wants to learn more about them, there’s a camp¬†for that … on Wallops Island with the crew of the Marine Science Consortium. They offer a whole host of amazing camps for kids, grandparents/grandkids, parents/kids, etc. Check them out!

The few camps mentioned here are just a tip of the iceberg. You’re encouraged to check out our Camps for Kids section and plan a day, three-day, week, or two-week educational getaway for your little (and not-so-little)¬†sponge! The knowledge they’ll soak up will astound you.

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